The Evergreen Platform

The Evergreen Platform by Mike McKearin – @mckearin on Oct 26, 2015 The Name Being into branding, we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to name our proprietary platform. We call it Evergreen. We use this on all our clients sites, big or small. Great name but why did you build it? We created Evergreen because…

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5 Growth Strategy Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

Is your business primed for growth? If you are like most small businesses, that answer isn’t always clear. Planning an actionable growth strategy can mean the difference between developing a sustainable brand or becoming just another statistic.

Here are five pillar pieces to any growth plan and what we focus on when working with our customers.

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6 Tips for Making Your Website Searchable & Engaging

People spend 21% of their time online searching for information, and 20% of their time reading content on websites. This says two things: 1) People spend as much time weeding through search results as they do actually absorbing content and 2) A lot of search results won’t make the cut to the reading stage.

So, your site needs to stand out in the stream of pages your customer lands on and keep them long enough to digest the information, and it must be searchable.

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